Construction Safety


At Chemsteel, we take safety seriously. The safety of our workers and of all personnel involved in our projects is our #1 priority. Backing up this claim is our award-winning Zero Accidents Safety Policy.  The goal of Zero Accidents is to eliminate all unsafe conditions and behaviors on each of our sites. Based on the Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) own Zero Accident Techniques, Chemsteelʼs policy has proven effective at minimizing risk and accidents. 

It begins with a commitment from top management to achieve a Zero Accident workplace through such tactics as 100% safety training. Every Chemsteel employeeis a trained safety technician. In addition, the Zero Accidents policy includes techniques for staffing, subcontractor management, worker involvement, planning, orientation, incentives, substance abuse, and accident
and incident investigations. The program has its own detailed roadmap for roles and responsibilities as well as workplace
documentation to assure compliance and effectiveness.

This safety commitment and our proven practices have earned us recognition from the Construction Employers Association (CEA), The Cleveland Southwest Safety Council(CSSC), and numerous Project Owner Awards.

Our “Zero Accident” safety policy

Elements of the Chemsteel “Zero Accident” Safety Program
Corporate Risk Manager
Field Safety Coordinator
Labor/Management Safety Committee
Corporate Safety Manual
Site Specific Safety Manual
Mandatory Training Activities for Supervisory Field Personnel
Project Safety Audits
Quarterly Safety Meeting/Statistical Review

Corporate Risk Manager
    -Evaluates current safety policies and monitors compliance with
     applicable federal, state and local regulations

    -Given the authority to administer and enforce Chemsteel’s safety

    -Reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer

Field Safety Coordinator
    -Conducts field safety audits and inspections

    -Assists Project Managers and project supervision in performing
     pre-job hazard analysis

    -Supports Field Superintendents in implementing safety programs

    -Monitors and conducts safety training for field personnel

Labor/Management Safety Committee
    -Reviews of all accidents/incidents monthly

    -Recommends corrective/preventative actions

    -Facilitates proactive field safety measures

    -Reviews and recommends improvements to safety training

    -Safety representatives meet on a monthly basis.

Corporate Safety Manual
    -Establishes responsibility and accountability for proper
     implementation and enforcement of Chemsteel’s Zero
     Accident Policies

    -Reviewed and updated annually

Site Specific Safety Manual
    -Required for every job

    -Addressed prior to start of any construction activity

    -Identifies the manner in which Chemsteel will administer the Construction
     Industry Institutes Zero Accident Techniques

    -Safety Pre-Project/Pre-Task Planning

    -Safety Orientation and Weekly “Tool Box Talks” Training

    -Written Safety Incentive Program

    -Employee Disciplinary Policy

    -Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

    -Accident/Incident Investigations

Mandatory Training Activities for Supervisory Field Personnel
    -OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety and Health Class

    -First Aid & CPR Certification

    -Pre-task Hazard Awareness Training

    -Personal Protective Equipment, Maintenance, and Proper
     Use Review

    -Accident/Incident Investigation and Documentation Training

    -Monthly & Quarterly Division Seminars/Statistics Reviews

Project Safety Audits
    -Monthly audits performed by Corporate Risk Manager and Field
     Safety Coordinator

    -Performed and documented by Project Supervision and submitted
     to the Corporate Risk Manager and General Manager on a weekly

    -General and craft foreman monitor project activities and implement
     corrections on a daily basis

Monthly & Quarterly Safety Meeting/ and Training Activities
    -Specialized Safety and Health Training

    -Review changes in OSHA standards

    -Update Supervisors technical skills

    -Review Corporate Safety Statistics

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