Project Control Systems:


Construction management is a complicated process embracing several disciplines, dispersed project participants, and tight schedules. 

The Internet offers a great platform to manage communication.  It can bring together widely dispersed project participants using traditional tools such as email and FTP.  However, as users have become sophisticated, email and FTP have become part of the problem. They do not provide the work-flow capability and accountability, which is an integral part of any project management process.

We have experience utilizing online collaborative software to establish project specific web portals.  We have used portal products such as BricsNet's ProjectCenter and  SysteMates' ProjectMates.  Both are excellent products which we feel can handle the collaborative needs of virtually any project.

ProjectCenterŽ - The Power of Instant Collaboration

ProjectCenterŽ gives your project team immediate access to better communication and shared information. There’s no software to load, no hardware to manage. Just click to your project website and begin experiencing the power of instant collaboration. It’s so intuitive that training takes just a matter of minutes. Whatever the size or scope of your projects, and no matter how dispersed your teams may be, ProjectCenter gives you the tools to manage them more efficiently and with fewer issues along the way.


Projectmates Software for Construction Project Management

Protfolio Dashboard
Projectmates Portfolio Dashboard

Projectmates online collaboration software for Construction fills the need by providing effective communication and accountability platforms from which project performance can be evaluated. Projectmates built-in modules provide intuitive form routing and tracking tools to persons responsible for processing requests. This allows project executives to focus on managing projects not paper.

Projectmates construction management software provides a simple web based interface for submitting requests. This minimizes data entry and eliminates the need to know where to send requests for approval and fulfillment. The role-based security makes sure that users have appropriate rights to each module, therefore increasing accountability.

Projectmates' capabilities range from document management and scheduling to financial budgeting and change order management.  Armed with over 40 different modules for every type of construction project, you will be able to save considerable time and increase accountability among all project participants.


BricsNet Project Center is a trademark of Bricsnet FM America, Inc.  ProjectMates is a trademark of Systemates, Inc.