Project Control Systems:

Cost Control and Cost Informations Systems

Cost Control is an obvious objective in Construction Management and Construction Scheduling. It should be recognized that no amount of paperwork achieves this construction cost control. The actual control is achieved through the ultimate decision of the manager that something should be done differently and the translation of that decision into practice. The paperwork provides guidance on what control actions should be taken and therefore it is rather a cost information system.

The elements of a cost control system are:

  • Observation
  • Comparison of observation with some desired standard
  • Corrective action to take if necessary.

A construction cost control system should enable a manager to observe current cost levels, compare them with a standard plan or norm, and institute corrective action to to keep cost within acceptable bounds.

Recently, Chemsteel  chose Viewpoint Construction Software as the most suitable financial and project management product to achieve  our cost management goals.  Viewpoint's advanced "Earned Value" capabilities proved to be the determinative selection criteria for this powerful product. 

Built for General Contractors


General ConstructionViewpoint V6 Software, built on 30 years of experience with leading General Contractors throughout the U.S, is a fully integrated suite of applications covering Accounting/Financial Management, Project Management, Operations, and Document Management. The result: intelligently designed construction software that works the way you do.

Viewpoint V6 Software is built on a solid technology foundation from Microsoft, employing Microsoft’s industry leading SQL Server database and latest .Net development tools. It serves up mission-critical data when you need it, in formats that are intuitive and easy to understand. Viewpoint’s standards-based development approach protects your investment as technology evolves.

Functional Benefits:

  • Full Integration: Accounting, Project Management, and Operations groups work together
  • Superior Technology: built using leading tools by Microsoft
  • Flexible User Interface:  improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Web Collaboration: real-time project communications, shorten decision cycles
  • Document Management: streamline operations, enhance document organization


Viewpoint V6 Software is a trademark of Viewpoint Construction Software.